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Auswide Temporary fencing company provides temporary fencing solutions with the option of either buying or hiring. In addition to the temporary fencing sets, we offer accessories required during fencing that are manufactured as per the Australian standards. At Auswide we also provide portable toilets which one can opt to buy or hire. To ensure that you have a hassle free when buying from us we offer delivery of the materials, installation and if the fence is hired, we pick the fence once the agreed period has come to an end. You can trust us at Auswide for the best deals and prices without worrying about the quality of the products.

Auswide Fencing materials provide premier materials that can be used for either a domestic or commercial site. The fencing materials can be used during construction of new houses as required by law to shield construction sites for safety purposes. Auswide Fencing materials can also be used during the demolition of the housing to ensure that flying objects remain in the compound. Our company’s portable toilet hire is manufactured as per the safety and environmental standards. To ensure the peaceful use of the toilets we deliver them clean and provide cleaning services if one requires.

Temporary fencing sets

At Auswide we offer Temporary Fencing sets for hire or Temporary Fencing sets for sale. Our fencing are made of a light material without compromising on the durability and the effectiveness of the fence. The fence has an anti-climb mesh and a best class 360 welding between the horizontal and the vertical pipes. The ends of the pipes are well compressed and galvanized to keep off the rust and ensure durability. The fence has two components which are the fencing feet and clamps.

The fencing feet is made of concrete, an anti-ageing plastic and it’s brightly coloured to make sure that one can see it from far. The clamp ensures that the fence is in place to prevent the fence from being blown off by wind or falling objects. In case the construction site is in a very windy area the temporary fencing contractor will use double clamps to ensure the fence is strong enough. The temporary fencing is made from superior materials to endure the harshest weather conditions. LEARN MORE

Heavy duty fencing sets

At Auswide we offer Heavy duty Fencing sets for hire or Heavy Duty Fencing sets for sale, they are made of heavy-duty panels and also has the anti-climb mesh for added security. The fence materials are taken through the 360 welding process to give a strong and a seamless finish. The heavy duty fence is heavier than the light one and also comes in two components. The Fencing feet is made of moulded plastic and filled with concrete to ensure durability and the clamps which complete the fencing by ensuring that the fence is strong.

To ensure that your fence is well constructed at Auswide, we have temporary fencing contractors with the required expertise. Our company provides an online booking for making it easy for you to get a quote. We also have sample pictures on the online platform to ensure you get a glimpse of how the fence will look like once constructed. If you are looking for affordable yet durable and efficient temporary fencing for your site, then at Auswide has got you covered. LEARN MORE

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